• The petty squabbles of insignificant players in the great cosmic game shall be dwarfed by the annihilation of all existence. The light from afar shines brightest upon the cleansed soul of the drowned. As your selfish ego is washed away embrace the truth in vision and heart. Our destroyer does not so out of anger, but necessity, and as such has provided the enlightened with escape to the great other. The light of selune will die and in its absence a great vessel shall come to carry the faithful.
    You need only look around to see the truth, the slaves to the faiths are making a final desperate bid for your eternal consciousness. All sides clawing for the anything they can take as this realm shudders its last breath. Do not so easily forsake the only aspect of self that the pretenders of power will so readily consume to fund their eternal war. Not without seeing the truth of what is to come. Everyone must chose in the end, we just demand to see the whole picture before being poached like game by the celestial and infernal pretenders alike.

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