Scrambled eggs: Kit'Thraks

  • I heard reports from other groups doing this recently and tonight i did it with a group on the average size, levels in the average medium range (Average level 10 or 11, group size was 6 people).

    We were getting an average of 2 Kith'raks (spelling?) per spawn where they were spawning. This is different from the time i did this on Vaaeldra where this was only spawning on bosses, despite me doing the same quest with both a large and higher level group. Other group reported getting 3 of those things per spawn, and the first on them instantly annihilating the group.

    There are a few problems with this.

    1: There should be no more than 1 of these guys EVER in any spawn. They have an ab of either 26 or 28, hit EXTRMELY hard, have sneak attacks, crit often and extremely hard, have high ac, heal potion, stoneskin and a LOT of HP. A single one of these guys is a race of "kill it before he kills one of our party members" if they never switch.

    2: They do not drop their heal potions in the (extremely) rare instances you manage to kill them before they use it. I think considering the difficulty of this mob, them dropping said heal potion is not an unfair thing to ask, ESPECIALLY if the number of them per spawn is not reduced.

    3: They were originally placed in as a BOSS mob, to reinforce the mid-boss due to it not being difficult enough, it shouldn't really be in a regular spawn outside of it in my opinion, or if it is, -never- more than one.

    4: When there are more than one of these and they target the same player, that player will MELT down. When you have more than 1 the only thing is to focus one of them and hope the one being targeted by the other manages to keep themselves alive long enough. (can be hard for casters since outrunning them is impossible due to their teleport and the narrow walkways, a caster needing to flee has to run FAR away from the group, essentially dooming himself)

  • Agree this quest needs a look at. Even with above average equipment these spawns are kind of out of line

  • Just to clarify. FOUR spawned all around the rogue in our party and the caused a close TPK when we did it a week ago. They spawned all around him. We found the spawns of two were not terrible, but clearly buffs were important.

    I do agree though you need AC greater than 35 to stand a chance, so only massively buffed and dex builds likely stand a chance without DM loot.

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