Lt. Thornlips

  • Vendui' Lieutenant,

    I write as the owner of Judge Johan's discarded sword and duties. No other has risen to take his place, so I shall and have.
    You, as the most proactive officer of the Militia, hold the power to help or hinder me considerably. Therefore, I seek your support.

    Find included within this missive a poster. Push this agenda and I'll offer the intelligence my male companion, Rhylzaer, lacks. For now, this will be an investment on your part, but it will only be until your War Council that you wait for the pay off.

    As a token of good faith, I warn you that, as a male, authority and power is new to Rhylzaer. He wields it like a hammer and cares little for who he swings it at so long as it has a satisfying thunk. He has particular delight in harming females when he can for he's been denied it for decades under Lolthite rule.
    Watch your back.

    Iraeidil Orlyviir
    Arbiter of Arabel

    Dictated by Iraeidil Orlyviir.
    Translated and written by Crigg Willicanterbolan II

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