Axeman Drow

  • Drow,

    Your terms will likely appeal to our druid. The Southeast quarter, under your stewardship, will be a beacon of peace and harmony.

    The druid will wish guarantees, however. Perhaps signed with your blood. Your quarter will become more than a mere district, and the particulars may not be to your liking. The boons that would afforded to you should you accept, however, would be unlike any warden or mayor.

    Seek Oathtaker Malwen for full details and terms.


  • Noone is getting my blood for anything. We can discuss any terms though!

    -Lord Executioner Rhylzaer

  • Lord Executioner,

    One of Arabel's finest will be preparing the defence of the quarter, and has been given the blessing from the Red Mother to do so.

    He shall be spreading the truth, and shall also seek to ensure your district will have the Red Mother's boons to repel an attack.

    The preacher shall seek you out.


  • Good.

    -Lord Executioner Rhylzaer

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