Letter to Kold

  • Dear Kold

    The one known as Jaston struck one who I see as my wyrmling in a place of peace after I told them there would dire conquence if he did. I do not like to be empty words, especialy with my wyrmling. She need to be properly awoke from her egg, and like any true dragon, she has much pride, and needs to be properly impressed.

    There will be two targets:

    First against his flock in secret, who will learn fear and bring him distress. This will be a matter of magic and lies, mostly your magic and my lies.

    Second against his close ally, who be consumed by the Queen and taken from him forever, so he may learn tears. This will require deception and force... we bring friends.

    I will talk more with you in person of the plans details, but perhaps if they go well we might see if we are able to get those bounties of your heads for services against the angels?

    Shui Fang
    Follower of the Way of the Victorious Dragon
    Admirer of Eo the Flame Smith

  • In addition to what was discussed the blood of someone altered by angels is required, the more the better.


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