Note left for Vincent Prize in the room of his Inn.

  • Vincent,

    I have been looking for you... I have a plan. The militia is planning to slaughter the bright eyes which will only strenghthen the angels or condemn their souls forever. But I have thought of another way.

    When a sheep is lost from their flock, do we simply cull it? Of course not. We shepard it back. You are a priest of Tyche, and it is time you preached as never before.

    We will kidnap a cultist. Ebonhawk has agreed to help, as has Shui Fang. And we will see if this can work. To reconvert the fallen, to bring them to our cause. It is at least worth the try. If we can even save the souls of a few. Seek me out when you get this note. We need to do this quickly.

    Love Mildred

  • Elven Warband

    can't hurt to try, most cultists seem byond reason but I'll give it a shot.

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