Temporary Opportunity: Hope Ascendant

  • Storyteller [DM]

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    The Valkyrie hovered, in pain, and quiet, and waiting.

    Below her the city churned with activity. Men went about their business, their trades and their duties, with the occasional glance upward – whether to give praise or to fear. And the Valkyrie looked on with saddened but determined eyes fixed upon them.

    She watched the Helmite, and she watched the Tychean. She watched the Vampire, and she watched the Dragon. She watched the milling of humanity, and elvenkind turned to desperation, and the stoic but unspeaking dwarves that peddled wares. She saw with clear eyes and clean conscience and sense of purpose. And she watched Hope being perverted, in quiet solitude, as her palms, dry, wielded the swords.

    And yet, there was never a problem, nor a darkness, that could ever truly defeat Hope. She saw the spark yet. And she saw it, and she waited, because she was destined to do so and this was her path to walk.

    Every wingbeat. Every drawn breath. Every dip of the wind and twitch of her wings, holding her aloft above them like a weibach of souls as she churned up the morning mist with her granted host of angels. Faith, the most powerful of the angels, never far from reach, now tended her own duties and her own flock.

    The Gods had planted the seed of Hope and it had fallen to evil men, as all men so touched had.

    Over the scene of brazen defiance, she hovered, carrying her swords like torches, not to cause great evil – that was the thinking of lesser beings unconnected to the truth – but to expose it. The Valkyrie could not help but be reminded, though the thought sickened her slightly, of roaches scattering from the light and seeking dark places. That evil had always existed in the souls of men. The quest for lies and untruths, the perversion that settled within their hearts. She had seen it as a mortal woman and now here it lay, unchecked, unchallenged by the righteous, and it proved true enough that all it required for evil to fester was for good men to lose sight of their virtues.

    And yet, as was her divine duty and promise and will, for she carried Hope abroad, and love eternal fueled it. She felt only sorrow at the loss of it, as it lay forgotten in ungiven rings, as it lay under fear and greed and selfishness, as it was extinguished by Helm or reduced to numbers and symbols by Mystra – or corrupted and perverted to horrifying purpose by gods more resembling demons than the divine. She hurt with every swing of her sword, and yet, she swung.

    As was the duty of all good men or women of the realm...

    To fight the deepest darkness, and bear the torch of light into the Ascending World.

    Temporary Opportunity Requirements:

    Alignment: Good.
    Race: Any.
    Diety: Tyr, Torm, Ilmater, Lathander preferred, not required. Any goodly god.

    Loot will be provided.

    Participants will be raised several levels.

    Pact powers will be granted on-creation, or on-conversion (for already IG players).

    You are fighting to recreate a world that has fallen to evil and chaos and carry the seeds of Hope, Faith, Duty, Justice, and Mercy into the next.

    See Paramour or Pancake for details.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Small update: I am not allowed to level people on creation. Everything else still applies.

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