[An envelope designated for Glim bearing the stamp of House Ebonhawk]

  • Greetings Artificer,

    I am Retainer Corynthalias, of House Ebonhawk. It is in dark and grim times that I write to you.

    I have a special request for you or one of your associates of the House of Creation.

    In my possession I have one of your mechanical wonders produced by the former Lord Hardcastle's genius; an elemental essence capturing great blade. Whilst the weapon is a useful innovation in of itself, I would like to augment the blade's functions. Instead of capturing elemental essence upon slaying an elemental, would it be possible to augment it so that it captures life force instead and then convert it to negative energy? My design is simple in that it is akin to a magical blade that siphons life to the wielder, save that instead of the wielder benefiting from the life force, it is stored inside the blade itself.

    If this is possible, I would ask that you name your price and what else you might need from me. I have some celestial beings to strike down and I need something with the utmost 'oomph' and you are just the gnome I think that can provide.

    With respect,
    Retainer Corynthalias of House Ebonhawk

    P.S- If you have something better or risky in mind, I will rely on your genius and judgement; the more chaotic and destructive the blade, the better!

  • [Another letter quickly follows the first one, as if it were an afterthought.]

    Artificer Glim,

    I was sitting here in my barracks sipping on some spiced Brandy and came up with a most controversial idea.

    As you are aware, Warforged are basically vessels for souls; with that said, would it be possible to actually siphon a portion, if not the whole soul, and store it in the blade using that technology? That device would certainly forge a legend in the making, with you bearing it's signature. Are you up for that, master Artificer and grandiose tinkerer of things?

    I have specific reasons for needing this specification. We have a problem of these cultists coming back like a reoccuring nightmare where one is orating to a massive audience, but realizes that they are only clad in their underwear, which would be most embarrassing and the thing most fear.

    Retainer Corynthalias

  • Admin [DM]

    Gonna be blunt here and say I have a bottom fucking line.

    Suggest this again and I'll personally deliver a box to your house and blow it up.

    • Glim

  • Artificer,

    Fine, it is understandable if you are afraid to take on such an order, perhaps I thought you to be someone worthy to save the world with your superior mechanical intellect and skill. But alas, that was too much for you.

    Let us go back to the original request. Negative energy is not so bad; in fact, it is not illegal and can in fact deal serious damage to these beings of pure positive energy. Is this too much to ask for? In the future, when House Ebonhawk has saved Arabel from certain destruction, your House of Creation and technological marvels will be forever be remembered as the city's saving grace.

    Also, it will prove most lucrative.

    Retainer Corynthalias

  • Admin [DM]

    You misunderstand.

    Every warforged was a willing applicant to the process. Their souls stored in a core with their full knowledge, consent, and action.

    I do not care a wit for your sophistry. I will not create some sort of sick 'soul-vacuum.' I will not make my technology, a marvel of its time- a tool of undeniable evil. I already blanch at what the Drow did in the Militia Tower, I won't be party to such evil.

    If you desire some soul-sucking device to fight angels, make and develop it your own gods damned self you evil, twisted bastard.

    • Glim

  • I believe it is you that misunderstand, gnome.

    I wanted not to kill anyone, but rather keep their souls safe from these wicked, gaudy-winged beasts called angels that are forcing their ideals upon everyone and their mothers, quite literally actually. Desperate times call for desperate measures and we are all out of time.

    But if you are going to be a short sighted, shortshit, shitling of a Gnome, then yes, I will build it myself then.

    I will build it bigger and better than your old, feeble, rusted cogwheels of a brain could ever imagine.

    This most certainly will come back to bite you in the arse.

    With the utmost respect,
    Retainer Corynthalias

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