Letter to Sergeant Hatchet

  • Respected Sergeant Hatchet.

    I received a recommendation form one very competent monk to contact you with my problem. Well, not so much of a problem. I am developing prototype of new ranged weaponry for the House of Creation. It's exciting ant tiring task, and I have no time to solve related problems. It seems, Spire refused to help, and dwarves will help only to optimize costs of the production model. But Militia may be interested in successful creation of this prototype, I am right?
    I need testing grounds safe of civilian or expensive machinery. And willing assistant I will gladly accept supervisor so you can be sure in my reliability. Let's meet and discuss everything personally.

    Thesenis of Lantan.

  • Admin [DM]

    This letter is forwarded to the ranking lieutenant by the desk sergeant @Chomp

  • [During one of the briefs moments Thornlips spends at her desk rather than in the war room, she notices this letter. She is about to swipe it into the trash can, until she notices the word 'Weaponry'. Interested, she picks it up, reads it in full, and pens a reply]

    Thesenis of Lantan,

    Can this weaponry of yours be purposed to be effective against Angels of Celestia and Bright-Eyed Cultists alike? If so, we can provide you with a place to test it, things to test it on, and funding.

    -Lt. Thornlips

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