Letter: Retainer Eliasz and Private Thornlips

  • Builders Guild

    Dear superiors;

    I would urge you to allow us to move forward on the plan we discussed.

    We will turn to old magic in our time of need. History tells us of the ways the barbarian-tribes surrounding this region once prayed gods for aid when times were dire. They made offerings of flesh and bone and made sacrifices of to sate the needs of those old gods. One god in particular I suggest we fall in line with, Tempus, once known to the world of man as Targus. If we aim to fight to the last breathing man. If we aim to survive the odds stacked against us, we cannot do it alone. It is in these old gods that I suggest we find our aid.

    I will prepare a ritual and a suitable offering that will ward areas and prevent the Angels from gaining access to them. The sacrifice will involve a holy symbol which I've found in scriptures. This symbol I believe will prevent entry of Angels in a small designated area, and may even banish them if the sacrifice is bountiful enough.

    Though be warned. These Celestials will return in due time.

    I have the reagents necessary, Celestial silver, verdicite, and ... Myself to cast the ritual.

    However I need an answer soon. I've begun working on preparing defenses for Eveningstar, but I doubt it will be enough.


    a symbol is drawn below in red which Thornlips might recognize.

  • Do so. Focus your efforts on the Northeastern and Northwestern Districts. The Militia Tower, Lord Hawklin's estate, and Lord Ebonhawk's estate are your top priority.

    -Pvt. Thornlips

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