To Mildred hatchet

  • Dear Mildred

    By the gods this is confusing, either we can't trust anything a follower of "glory" says or the gods are REALLY weird

    I had assumed maybe all the lawful dieties are in glory, that's wrong because Helm is on our side. And Sune being with glory makes ZERO sense, I think it's time we tried abit of religious scying, we need to know whose with us and who isn't!

  • Good plan. Lets talk to Arfas, he can do it. And I looked up the laws. Scrying is illegal, BUT a sergeant has the rank to allow it. And that would be me.


  • well this is my guess it's likely Tyche has many allies and lovers...Maybe Lathander,jargal,tyr might help for "old t ime" sake

  • Vincent,

    I spoke with Arfas tonight. He said he thinks it may be possible to scrye the Gods but that it may drive him mad. He's already a bit weird, so I'm not sure if we should push him to do it. Iruna may be more talented in this area. I will see what she says. And yes, I know your Goddess has many "friends".