Letter: Militia

  • Builders Guild

    Greetings private Thornlips,

    I would like to offer my assistance regarding this Angel problem. We could try a warding ritual encircling specific areas in the city. A ward on the city as a whole would likely be difficult to maintain to prevent entry from full blown Angelic beings. However we could designate safe houses for the citizens and attempt to “Funnel” them.

    To do this we would need a load of mythalite and celestial silver. Please let me know if you deem this ward worthy of your time, and I will consider it a top priority for the Penal Legion.

    -Arfas, Penal Legionnaire

  • If you can ward key points in the city from angel attack, things that we need to hold as a top priority against angel cultist insurrection and outright angel attack -

    Draw up your plans immediately. As well as any plans, spells, or weaponry that can harm angels. I will submit them to our arcane division for review forthright.

    Should they be approved, I will write a recommendation that you do not be ordered to the front lines of battle.

    -Pvt. Thornlips.

  • Builders Guild

    Private Thornlips,

    I'm unsure if this is a wise topic of conversation with a Militia Private, but toubling times call for solutions we wizards generally try to avoid.

    I don't think this sort of magic is 'illegal' in Cormyr, however it is often associated with horror and bloodshed.

    I'm speaking of blood magic.

    Criminals of Arabel have gone to great lengths in the past to avoid being seen by those who hunt them. Paladins especially. It is this sort of magic I wish to turn to as we attempt to find a solution. Blood magic, however dangerous, is just another form of magic. I believe if we post these symbols on entryways, we would make our movements unseen by the celestial beings which will begin to hunt us. I've sent you a scroll of my own making, the symbol would be most effective in the language of Celestia if you know anyone who is fluent. It essentially means "WARD" or "PROTECTION" but is drawn in blood.

    Blood magic generally requires the reagent (blood in this case) to be associated in some way with that which you want to protect. This puts us in a unique situation. As a member of the Penal Legion, i'm in servitude to Cormyr for life. I do believe I can cast this reagent (my blood) and disguise our movements from the prying eyes of Angels within specific areas of Cormyr.

    If I'm right, and I usually am, this would be the safest route to also perform a ritual to ward away Angels.

    I'm also looking into the spell "Dismissal" which is widely used by wizards to send away "Outsiders" from other planes. These Angels should qualify. If this does work, we will need to stockpile as many of these scrolls as we can for battles to come, and use the spell as a sort of 'outline' for a protection spell on areas within the city.

    On the nature of the warding ritual, with your permission I wish to move forward. All we need is mythalite and we should be prepared to test the wards.

    Warding Ritual:
    Each area will require a piece of mythalite, a piece of Verdicite (enriched for longevity) and a piece of celestial silver worked into the foundation. This could be as simple as replacing a cobblestone with these reagents. Atop the reagent, draw the symbol below, and cast the dismissal spell. I'm unsure of the duration. I'm unsure of what affect it will have on my body when Angels try to break through the barrier.. But We'll surely find out.

    The scroll attached is to hide the above message from our enemies written in my own.

    -Arfas, Penal Legionnaire

  • [Thornlips reads this and hides it away somewhere, for now]

    [And then on second thought, after committing the relevant stuff to memory, burns the letter]

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