Letter to the Head Librarian Tonald Sigermane

  • Respected Master Tonald Sigermane.

    I am currently working on a prototype of advanced magitech weaponry called Shell Slinger. While materials for this item is hard to gather, main problem is lack of suitable inscriptions. You see, the best one for this task is the anchored form of the Antimineral Shell spell.

    I am sure that you know that this spell is considered long lost. However, if there is a place where you can restore this spell, this is the city of Arabel! I found an entertaining book mentioning a factory in ancient ruins under the city. At this factory you can find records mentioning Mystryl herself. After discussing the find with other adventurers, it became clear that the ruins under the city belong to the ancient empire of Netheril.

    That's why I'm writing to you. Undoubtedly, being over such a well of knowledge you had the opportunity to explore many of the finds related to lost magic. Do you know anything about the spell of the Antimineral Shell? Or about the possible location of related knowledge? I’m sure that recovering lost magic is also interesting for you, so it would be great to work on this issue together.

    Thesenis of Lantan

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