a Missive to the ladies house @pancake

  • Elven Warband

    I hope this finds you in good fortunes

    I assume you saw our lady drive back the false angel faith, I count my self fortunate for many life times to witness it.

    However the pair of cultists have now become "angels" themselves and assert that their angels are deities. This is heresy of the highest of orders, they must be stopped or risk another thing like Lyss..or worse the ending of all fates and fortunes. I release all things end but not by the hands of upstart angels.

    I was recently beaten up by the new angels Jaston and his pal. They are too much for me, you were right to reject me as a formal luckbringer I see that now. I still need your help I have a sword of their make and my relic that I've restored. I am placing them in your care to see what we can do. I ask for no replacement or credit of any kind.

    I am no longer in this for myself, the fates of every living being is in our hands now. We must not let these false angels pretending to be goddesses to succeed. After my work is done I'll like be taken into the militia.

    I had to buy this holy sword from the red tree, I willing accept the punishment they may have in store. please help me this will be our darkest and finest hour.

    Vincent Prize

  • Admin [DM]

    These are strange times, young priest, but I know some things to be certain. These angels are not false, they are all servants of the divine - meaning that a war rages on planes we scarcely know. What has spurred the goodly gods from their apathy into a righteous rage to purge the world - I cannot begin to imagine.

    What I do know is that here, at the seat of her power in our world, Tyche has made her loyalties and strength known. Few gods are held to the strict standards of the high heaven, and I expect others - such as Mystra and Tempus - will oppose them.

    Understand the strength of this foe, and never mistake them for weakness. Even if bested in battle, an angel is not anathema to the world like other outsiders. They are likely to return days, if not hours, after their defeat. Unless profane rituals ward them away, they will not relent.

    And be wary with that sword. It is an artifact of these angels. It will garner their attention, I have no doubt.

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