Letter to the House of Creation

  • Thesenis of Lantan asks House of Creation for a meeting. Artifice is my love and life and I would be happy if you would consider my candidacy as a potential employee. It would be a honor to study and work in the place related to such a legend as Lord Malcolm Hardcastle. Please, contact me though the sending or the World Serpent Inn if you need a brilliant head and precise hands. Thank you.

  • Admin [DM]

    The House of the Creation is the holiest temple to Gond outside of Lantan.

    What work and artificery do you bring to add to this House?

    • Glim

  • I am dwelling in many fields of research. I have interest in fusion of organic matter and machinery, in mind-to-machine direct control measures, in dense forcefields, in vector amplification, and, of course both micro and macro-machinery. I can't imagine better place than House of Creation to work on and study the most advanced forms of artifice, and to prepare for the task I've learned both Dwarven and Gnomish languages in order to learn from the original. Let me assure you that as a follower of Gond my thirst for knowledge and creation is insatiable.

    Thesenis of Lantan

  • Respected Master Glim.

    I understand that you have reason to doubt my competence. Surely you often have to deal with those who want to work in the glorified House of Creation and the overwhelming part of the candidates, for sure, turns out to be unsuitable. Let me use my current project to prove that they are no match for me. Simple design, but extremely effective! handwriting begins to tremble Weapon of new generation to surpass limitation of conventional crossbow. Shell Slinger!

    Shell Slinger

    Now it's only a scheme. My last prototype, which I experimented on back in Lantan, exploded as the use of four rows of Field generators led to the volatile evaporation of the projectile.

    Energy source - anything suitable to hold a sizeable charge, preferably of lightning element (due to ease of conduction through the metal). The energy consumption at the trigger push is small, so the charge should last long enough. Wrapped in the softened insulator like the rubber tree sap.

    Field generator - I've used finely tuned plates enchanted with the compacted and dense Wall of Force spell (now lost due to explosion). This is not the best option, as it imposes incredibly stringent requirements on the strength of the whole construction. Alternative is dwarven runes of force which I cannot produce because rune magic is the secret of the dwarven people. The best option is to restore a long-lost spell of Antimineral Shell to use instead of Wall of Force. Field generator too should be wrapped in the insulator.

    Amplificator coil - coil with small traces of Thaumatite (suboptimal) or Arambarium alloy (optimal) serves as vectoral amplificator, forcing projectile to accelerate in certain direction at increased rate while pushed by the fields.

    Excess exhaust - one of the most important part, dissipating material to prevent overcharging and overheating of the Shell Slinger. I am not some novice, every piece of complex artifice should have safety measures.

    When you hold the trigger a charge enters the Amplificator charging Projectile, making it more receptive to the fields. The rest of the charge passes through the Field generators, activating them in sequence. The charge then reaches the Exhaust and evaporates. The projectile enters the first field, accelerating to 7-10 m/s. Second field accelerate it to 49-100 m/s. Third field accelerate it to 343-1000 m/s, effectively reaching or surpassing speed of sound. Though the drawbacks of Shell Slinger is the relatively long charge time resulting in the rate of fire similar to conventional crossbow, and the cost of production. My personal opinion - damage caused by the heated and accelerated chunk of metal and ability to use projectiles smaller than even sling bullets is well worth it.

    Your potential employee,
    Thesenis of Lantan

  • Admin [DM]

    Ho ho.

    Someone who actually knows what they talk about when they discuss TINKERING.

    Very well, you may use the facilities here to produce a prototype so we may see feasibility for mass production.If successful, you're hired.

    • Glim

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