A Feast for the Poor

  • In celebration of the defence of the New Forest, the Red Mother wishes to show it's power and resilience. A banquet will be provided, free of charge for the old town.

    I hereby state ALL will be feed. In these times of great uncertainty, where the old gods are declaring the end times, the New Forest shall provide safety and sustenance to the population. We will demonstrate that the old gods are not needed, and the eternal forest of the Red Mother will provide everything that all in Faerun will need.

  • Elven Warband

    This post is deleted!

  • A prayer for the elf Armand who gave his life for the Red Mother shall be given.

    We shall also gave prayer to the fallen of the cult. Citizens who were corrupted by the celestial demons; Zurai, Quentin, and Daisy. The Red Mother forgives and embraces all.

    A great deal of fresh meat has been gathered. It shall be given to all who are in need of a fresh meal in these dark times. Let it show the bounties available to those who praise the Red Mother.

  • //We are looking at Wednesday or Thursday this week at 7.30pm, provided we can get a DM

  • /// might want to world clock it, timezones! 😉

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Would it be possible to move this to a weekend? Several DMs and players work around that time during the week.

  • //I'm not certain that I'll be around this weekend but I'll try.

  • //Cant this weekend, as our druid is not available. So any gmt evening except Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. So are we saying no DMs, GMT evenings this week?

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