[Retainer Eliasz Dziedzic]

  • Retainer Dziedzic,

    I saw your most recent bulletin. I am in full agreement, though I believe the situation is much more dire than perhaps most people believe. What with the news out of Marsember that it is completely lost, I believe we should be well under way in preparations to defend this city from all out angel cultist terrorism and insurrection.

    However - discussions about such planning and preemptive defense set up in case such an event occurs here (which is likely) have not even begun. I have drawn up ideas and plans to ready the city's defenses, and been ignored. I have pleaded my case in the militia, even up to the Brass, and there has been total silence. Morale is low among myself and other privates - our Sgt's have previously ordered us to not engage or even attempt to arrest armed angel cultists marching in the streets armed to the teeth chanting death in the name of Celestia or conversion. It is a known fact they have had and maintained personal relationships with these angel cultists in our city, even having met some of these angels. But there is little I can do at the moment without support.

    I know you are likely as busy as I am, probably doing more important things than I am, to get this city prepared. We need every sword we can get ready and functioning and prepared with battle plans. We should work together. I know I could use your help. Perhaps you can spare time to talk?

    -Private Thornlips

  • Retainer,

    Where does your lordship stand on these recent orders?

  • The rightful Warden of the North, Lord Ebonhawk, will continue to stand and fight against the blight of the heretics. Those who stand in the way of a free and unified people will meet the same fate as those corrupted with bright eyes - especially the disgraced Hawklin who has fallen to such a pox.

    Will the Militia stand against the freedom of her people? Or will she rise up against the fanatics?

    In service to the Warden,

    Senior Retainer Eliasz Dziedzic
    Military Liaison to Cormyr

  • I will do whatever I can to ensure the Militia stands with you.


  • To start, issue a public decree swearing the Militia's service to the true Warden, Lord Ebonhawk - detail that Lord Hawklin is no longer fit to perform his duties and, should he have succumbed to the heresy of the traitors, he is to be considered an enemy of the State.

    I will act as your liaison to ensure a seamless and efficient alliance.

    Senior Retainer Eliasz Dzedzic

  • Retainer,

    Commander Tallstag is issuing a statement tomorrow. I suspect something similiar to what you have laid out.

    -Pvt. Thornlips

  • Senior Retainer and Military Liason,

    I am in the process of drawing up battle plans, working on who and what still survives to target for alliances, etc. I'm sure we will have plenty to discuss and decide on at the War Council next week. However, it is of my opinion these three things should be no small part of our focus.

    -Evacuating whatever remains of the Drow in the Underdark. They are opposed to these angels to the very last one of them. If we can successfully evacuate them, we will have a large force that is more than capable of fighting back against the heavens, as well as holding the South Eastern district against angel cultists. As it stands, The militia does not have the men to do so, and I would assume your Lordship's house is suffering from a similiar issue of manpower.

    -Digging a tunnel to relieve the siege upon the House of Creation. The weaponry and creations that they hold are vital to keeping our forces well equipped and ahead of whatever the heavens might throw at us. This will also give us a foothold into the south western district if we can successfully hold it.

    -Assessing how we want to proceed regarding Kanthea and her tower. Intelligence indicates the Angel Cultists plan an all out assault against it. Kanthea is more than capable of holding her own, however, and we don't really have a good way to provide any support to her at this point. A dire point to consider, besides, if she should fall, and the seal is opened, the angel cultists will have to contend with whatever spills out into the South Western district - and whatever that may be will be far more interested in fighting Angels and Angel Worshippers than us.

    -Lt. Thornlips.

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