[Josiah Of Helm]

  • Josiah,

    Ever think of joining the militia? We could use good people with their heads on strait.

    -Private Thornlips

  • Good private,

    I am too old to serve in the militia. but do not give up hope, mine is the voice of the people, protect them in Helm's name and ye shall be protected by his grace.


  • Josiah of helm,

    If it were up to me, I'd put a crossbow or sword in the hands of every single remaining sane Man, Woman, and Child and prepare them for battle. If I could train a dog to wield a weapon, I would do that too with every available dog in the city. Perhaps it is good it isn't up to me, but I believe the situation to be that dire.

    -Private Thornlips

  • Josiah,

    I have seen that you and Mr. Prize now have joint ownership of that angel blade. Please keep the militia up to date on the progress of your research.

    Anything you find that can help us prepare to wipe out the existence of these savage, vile angels out of our realm will be implemented immediately.

    Pvt. Thornlips

  • Mr Prize is leading on the research, but once he is ready to attack the angels so too shall the faithful of Helm be. For He is ever watchful, and none shall pass under his gaze unjudged.

    Josiah of Helm

  • As long as the militia is kept appraised of any findings, whatever arrangement you two have for conducting the research is fine with me.

    Pvt. Thornlips

  • Josiah,

    Unfortunately it appears that said blade was lost from Mr. Prize's possession with in hours. I do not know if you are aware, but he was charged with funding an enemy of the crown and fined for it, and also issued time in the stocks - time which he avoided for his effort in fending off the angel attack on the city.

    Due to the situation right now, the Brass are looking to press charges against yourself as well. I had arranged for this to not be done, as you had agreed cooperation, however now that the sword is gone, 'the deal is off', as they would say.

    So I have an alternative proposal. You begin to consult the militia in the development of defenses and weaponry that can defend against and also harm would be angel assailants. In return, any and all charges will be dropped.

    -Pvt. Thornlips

  • I have an alternative alternative proposal. Instead of robbing people of the tools they were charged with so you can put them in a locker to rot while the more high profile enemy of the crown can freely end the world, return my property to mister Prize, let him uncover how to use it against celestia, and sit back and reap the rewards of a long life.

    I do not doubt that the combined forces of the militia and the war wizards might eventually figure something out, but we simply don't have that kind of time on our hands.

    On the matter of my 'crime' any who come looking for me will find only a slit throat and a shallow grave. I have squared this with Helm himself. My duty is to protect the city and its people, I would like to think that places us on the same side.

    Josiah of Helm

  • Josiah,

    I would gladly do so. We dont have said property. The angel fuckers took it. Im trying my best here to be reasonable and help you out. Because its really, really, fucking stupid to fine and charge you over this.

    Were on the same side. Help me help you. And help us all, cause fuck being slayed in the name of celestia.

    Its a balanced act for me friend. You're on the right side of this. Just help me make that clear, thats all im asking.

    Agree to my offer of consultant and you will have access to anything you need. Fight me on this and we will both have a bunch of bullshit paperwork.

    Tell me what you need and itll be provided

    Pvt. Thornlips

  • Private,

    Jaston and the heathens of the Red Mother are firm enemies. Engineer a situation where they can meet upon a battlefield and they will both become weaker.

    A small force of adventurers announcing that they are marching upon the red mothers tree will draw them into conflict, and Jaston will not be able to stay away.

    War is at its core a game of deception.

    Josiah of Helm

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