[Thornlips Logs]

  • [This is the log of Private Thornlips]

    Day 1 of being promoted from door guarding duty to actual field work:

    It was just another day, I was guarding doors, then the LT yells for me to stop guarding doors that i'm going into the field. What a shit show. I've requested door guarding shifts again after that. I mean I pretty much had a good idea from guarding doors that the militia as a whole was in dire straits. Our commander is a fucking nutjob that won't even let us smoke, the Captain has the 'by the book' book shoved so far up his ass I don't think he can see straight, and the only one who even seems half competant is our LT, Tallstag, who for whatever reason can't figure out that Sergeant Hatchet putting down those dangerous angel cultist lunatics was the only sensible course of action. The sergeants are at eachother's throats, Roarke seems to fancy himself a paladin, and I'm not sure what to make of Hatchet. At least she knows the law book, unlike Roarke who wants to let dangerous fanatics go because they don't 'look skilled' enough to use their weapons they are illegally brandishing and refusing to put down. I don't think it would take much skill for one of those lunatics to chop up an orphanage, but whatever, what do I know, I'm a lowly private. Oh yea, it seems your fellow militia man will just abandon your ass during a raid in the field as well. My fellow door guarders never did that. I need a smoke. Hope one of the brass doesn't catch me, uptight shits. I suppose i could stab em and say they tripped and fell on their own sword. Not sure any of the people in this wild hog farm would be able to figure that one out.

  • [Thornlip's Logs, Day 2 - 4]

    The situation is dire. The militia is in complete and utter chaos, and failing rapidly. Corruption runs rampant. There is no leadership. There is no sense of direction. The Sgt's are both guilty of self admitted crimes. Us privates are being ordered outright to ignore the law and even break the law. We are being told not to engage and arrest armed angel cultists on the streets that are running around threatening people with death in the name of celestia if they don't convert. Morale is low, especially amoung the privates. Many of them have family and friends who live in the city, and they are being ordered not to defend them. Me and Private Cheesebeard have briefly discussed a suicide pact if we are overrun by angel cultists. It's not a half bad idea.

    I have written to and given my evidence to the brass. No response has been forthcoming. I am beginning to fear that the majority of the militia are secretly angel cultist converts and angel worshippers. It's the only explanation for this outright criminality.

    I actually feel bad for Sgt. Hatchet. I don't think she's an intentional criminal, or a cultist, she just suffers from half-orc smarts sometimes, leading her to make bad choices. It doesn't really matter at this point, though. I doubt any of this will ever reach a court room. If it did, I would still argue leniancy for her. Hell I'd argue she be allowed to stay in the militia, suspended supervision as a private. With some good influence and direction, she'd be a real good militia woman. But none of that matters anymore. We'll all be dead in the name of celestia before the month is out, or converts slaying out in the name of celestia.

    I must confess, I am not the most honest of persons. I had this notion, this idea, that I'd work my way up the ranks, make Sgt. one day, probably just by being around a long time, and do what everyone else did. Guy selling bloodstones? Just make sure some gold ends up in my pocket and I'll look the other way. Noble wants some policies enacted? Yea, I'll push that for the right price. And why not? It's not like the militia hasn't always been corrupt. There were literally devil cultists infiltrating it not too long ago. Why shouldn't I get my fair cut of the fucking pie? Captain Sergei, and LT tallstag? They've been around forever. Some how keep getting promotions for the consistent and never ended cluster fuckups that have occurred under their watch. They're getting coins on the side and kissing someones ass for favors, for sure. So what's wrong with me getting my fair share?

    But I'm not sure any of that matters anymore. My mind, as of late, is focused on something else than my fair share. My fair SURVIVAL. I find myself unusually motivated as of late. I have tried to warn them. We should be preparing for all out war. These cultists are different than your average run of the mill cultists. You can see the fanaticism in their eyes. These are true fucking believers. Like zombies, but alive. You could chop the legs off one of these fuckers and they'd keep crawling at you chanting about celestia till they bled out.

    I only hope my warnings are soon heeded, or we shall all be dead in the name of celestia.

  • [Days 5 and 6]

    The end of days. It sounds so insane. It feels so real. Word is Marsember has completely fallen. Refugees trickle our way from everywhere. Sightings of dragons in numbers never seen before have been reported. And we aren't ready. People aren't taking this seriously.

    Perhaps I'm wrong, but it certainly doesnt feel that way. I have held off on moving to charge the Sgts with treason. Im not sure its the right move. Early on, it was about the principal of things. Now? Now im not sure. Perhaps Roarke unintentionally made a good decision letting those cultists get away. These red tree cultist seem intent on killing angel cultists. Maybe we should just legalize them and let them run wild doing so. They caused a bit of trouble here and killed a noble, so what? The angel cultists took out an entire city if the rumors of marsember are to be believed.

    Perhaps I should just talk to Roarke. Maybe he just didnt grasp how dire this situation is and, in misconstrued fear that putting down these cultists in out streets would cause bigger issue's, ordered me not to. Maybe he just cant grasp that what happened in marsember could happen here at any moment and that its better to get a head start controlling these lunatics so theres less of them to deal with later.

    Hatchets a wild card. On one hand, dutiful, honest, trying to do the right thing. On the other, what if she decides the right thing is killing everyone in the name of celestia? It's madness. As if anyone short of a paladin is righteous enough for an angel of celestia.

    We need every capable man and woman we can get to be ready. I need to convince them, somehow. In the meantime, i will continue to draw up ideas to defend against this lunacy, in the hopes that we get the chance to implement them.

    [Thornlips finishes writing, takes a quick swig of a flask of strong liquor, and rolls over in her bunk to sleep]

  • [Day 8]

    I don't even know what is going on anymore. I saw an angel descend from the heavens and fight with some entity, some are claiming was tyche herself, over a chalice. I took cover behind a large solid statue. My fellow privates were not so lucky. One was a good pipeweed smoking buddy. Ill miss his ass. I tried to warn them to stay back!

    Me an sgt hatchet caught that fucker Arfas right after. Hatchet was in charge of the prosecution. She was going easy on him, for whatever reason I cannot fathom. Fortunetly i was able to intervene and point the judge in the right direction. Penal legionaire for life, sentenced to the front lines until instead some War Wizard didn't want him and moved him under Ebonhawks command.

    Oh well. Chalk a win for the militia. I don't know why even bothered saving Hatchets case for her. And roarkes too, really. Brass prolly woulda hung their asses if they didnt get that capital conviction. Maybe im becoming soft.

    And if I am, thatll need to change fast, especially if those boar brains dont show some appreciation for me cleaning up their fuckups.

    [Thornlips puts her diary away and as usual, sneaks a drink from her flask, this one overly large, puts it back into its hiding place, rolls into her bunk to sleep, muttering about how she has latrine duty in the morning and private cheesebeard has been eating more than usual as she drifts off].

  • [Days 9 to ... 11?  Who knows.]

    Where to begin.  I admit i was a bit disappointed that Arfus avoided the front lines of Marsember.  But he's grown on me.  He has some plans to ward, at least part of the city.  Going on about some blood magic shit.  I dont understand it, besides the fact that if the wards work its only for as long as hes alive.  Pretty sneaky, the rat bastard, but I must admit I like the way he thinks.  A power move.  We have execution devices, he has our wards.  It'll play out to a stand still.

    I read some shit I wasn't supposed to but its all bad news.  Not like it matters, the illmateri priest we spoke too told us basically the same thing as what I read, so at least I have an excuse for that knowledge.

    And its all bad.  The good gods are almost all allied in some shite called the glory.  They're at war with every other god minus a few odd ones out.  Claim at the end the only gods left will be "the glory" and illmater suffering a fate worse than death.  That stuffs all beyond me, but for those of us who dont hold the same uptight moral compass its all bad news.  The most important thing is it just reaffirms what ive been saying all along.  These cultists are true fucking believers and totally, unequivocally insane.

    I guess I should have some hope  as at least people are finally listening to how real this threat is.  The problem is, people are going full panic mode, and I see us losing any semblance of sanity ourselves.

    Apparently, a wounded devil escaped to the world serpent today from the blood war, and gave out some sort of devil stone for making devil pacts, offering an alliance to the city more or less.

    After this, there was another angel cultist attack, at which point some crazy woman ate the devil stone.  I and some Ebonhawk retainers beat her ass, arrested her and held her in the cells till we could get it out.  Turned it over to Road Captain Northwood, whos been assigned to the militia to train us better.  And we need it.

    Which brings me to the fact that our cells are so overwhelmed with cultists we had to put down a fricken cultist escape attempt.

    I must admit, some of the ideas flying around at the end of all this are really, really bad.  And we're probably gonna need to turn to them at some point.

    [Thornlips rolls over in her bunk, but not before openly downing an entire flask of strong liquor.  The fear of being caught seems not to phase her anymore.  And why should it, in these end of days?]

  • [Day 12?]

    Finally.  Lines have been drawn.

    Cormyr, my country, suffered a great loss today.  The angel cultist shits raised an army and obliterated the purple dragon garrison.  I am told the defense effort was pathetic, a wild charge against said army in an open field.  I only wish I had been in command, i would of ordered forces to move to and hold the garrison from its defensible position, and then, should defeat be on the horizon, ordered a tactical retreat.  Instead, it was a fucking slaughter and we have lost ground.

    Fortunately, the Gondian temple has been mass producing weapons of war to fight back.  Perhaps the tide will turn due to their efforts.  Intelligence suggests the angel cultists plan an all out assault against Kanthea and her tower.  Lines are being drawn.  Devils and demons now defend it.  Good.

    The drow running about has been most sane.  Realizing what needs to be done.  Urging it.  We convinced Sgt. Hatchet and prize.  Their morals got in the way at some point.

    I let him in, lead him in, to sacrifice them all to his god, a foreign god to me, but one that says fuck you to the glory. Hatchet and some half orc came barging in.  Hatchets nerve failed her.  As did our captain sergeis.

    I dont know if he had given over to the glory, only that if he hadn't, he would of at some point.  He attempted to intervene., betraying righteous vengeance in the name of his fellow Cormyrians.  We put him to the sword.

    Now acting captain tallstag recognized the situation for what it was.  I am to be promoted, the militia now has competant leadership, and we can prepare for all out war.  I can respect and follow the man, even if hes an asshole.

    Ill reach out to hatchet, but ill bury her if necessary.  I have never claimed to be just or righteous.  I just refuse to be held to an impossible moral standard of bullshit.

    We're fighting back.  May our souls be damned, and may the angels falter.

    [Thornlips rolls over in her bed as usual, finishing a flask, a smile on her face for the first night in many.  She has found faith.... faith in the now militia brass]

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