Bannerman Smith sells

  • Bannerman Smith sells items sanctioned by House Ebonhawk and the Militia of Arabel.

    Deep blue crown (-1str, +1 int, +1 wis)
    boots of reflex (+1ac, +2reflex)
    Clan elk shield (lrage shield +1 vs lots of things, lvl 2 spell slots sorc/wiz, no spell fail)
    Tattered varlet claok (+4hide/ms, 3 charges invis)
    Mammoth tusk spear (+1, +2 piercing damage, Druid spell slot lvl1, oub: neutral)
    Frost sorcerers robe (+1ac, bonus spell lvl 1, lvl 3, 5/- cold resist, 5/day ice dagger, oub sorc)
    orcan plate (ac8/1, +2vs fear, +1ac vs humans,elves, 5charges endurance)
    lost greataxe (now found!!!!) (+1ab, +d4 neg,+1 taunt, +1tumble)
    dark lords robes (+4 intimidate , lore, spellcraft, +4 saves vs min affecting, +2 ac, lots of spells/charges)
    archaic war wizard robes (SR10, bonus slots, wiz 1, wiz1, sorc 1, sorc 1, hold moster 2 charges/use, 5 charges)
    tooth necklace (+5 taunt, +5 intimidate, -5 persuade, -2 ae, -2 bluff)
    obsidian earing (+4hide/+4ms oub rogue)
    scaled edge (greataxe +1, +1 acid, +1slashing, keen weapon 2 charges/use, 5 charges)
    black mail (4/4 +4hide, +4ms, 80% weight)
    scale armour (6/1 +2ac, +4vs disease, +2 vs poison, +4 disc, +2 taunt, 40% weight)
    Assassin shiv (dagger +1, +d6 dam)
    Holy avenger (long sword +1, 2charges/use bless weapon, 2 charges/use deafening clang, 7 charges)
    Cobble cloak (+1ac, +4hide, endure elements 2 cahres/use, 7 charges)
    Loin cloth (ac1/8 +1/5 soak, oub barb)

    Your best offer in writing care of the Ebonhawk estate, or find the Bannerman in person

  • Bannerman Smith,

    I wish the cloak. I will pay 600 for it.

    Retainer Xarai of House Silverhorn

  • alt text Rainbow armor. 800. Venix Lunge

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  • I may be interested in either of the shields, I would like to inspect them

    Luck Bringer Vincent Prize

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