[Regalfist's scrolls]

  • [A series of scrolls are bundled together, penned by Rodren Regalfist. They all are written in gold ink, with flowing caligraphy.]

    Way of the Regaling Fist

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    Wealth is not just an accumulation of currency and material assets. It is also the accumulation of knowledge and experience. It is the frugality of the mind, protecting that which makes you valuable; and that is knowing your self-worth. Secure not only your riches, but the richness of your own soul and those that you believe to be valuable as well, from the greedy wolves that would diminish your fortunes. Fortify your mind against the clutches of avarice and teach unto others discipline with their coin. Challenge yourself with paying your debts on time to prove you are reliable and trustworthy; punish those would-be con artists that show no honor and no intention on rectifying their debts. Protect the wealth and prosperity of others; in turn you will become a most valuable commodity and be successful in all aspects of your life.

    In 1358, a traveling merchant and accomplished martial artist by the name of Master Regalfist established a martial arts school in Waterdeep after growing tired from being mugged and robbed in his travels. He sought out many different masters in his youth, until mastering various style of martial arts. He opened his school up with several levels of membership, with Bronze being the lowest and most basic; and Platinum being the most exclusive, highest tier. In order to graduate to Master status, one would travel abroad and prove their value to a rich benefactor; most commonly this would mean becoming a Retainer or Steward to a noble house, but other methods were acceptable. A treatise on the experiences and wealth accumulated while on this journey of finding self-worth would then be sent to the Regalfist Manor in Waterdeep for the Grandmaster himself to read. To date there have been very few Masters of the Regalfist due to many believing the school to be a pyramid scheme and con.

    He retired back to Waterdeep and opened up a school for wealthy merchants and those that expressed an interest in protecting the rich and wealthy. This obscure school became known for its philosophical outlook on wealth, called "The Way of the Regaling Fist", which focuses on a balanced fighting style, an introverted focus on finding one's self worth in order to find true success in every aspect of one’s life, and honing one's body in order to secure wealth and prosperity for others.

    The Golden Scales of Balance
    The Golden Scales style focuses on a martial artist fighting with empty hands. One assumes a general stance, palms facing up, and feet spread evenly with the shoulders. Each hand represents one side of the scale. When a foe is met, balanced, flowing strikes are kept; upsetting the equilibrium of the stance will throw the martial artist off, leaving openings for attack. One side of the scale is usually dedicated to offense; the other scale for defense. The feet remain grounded, however, when an opportunity arises, a risk must be taken in order to profit, and one can upset the balance of the foe by sweeping their legs or pushing them off balance. The scales will be tipped however, and the martial artist must rebalance themselves after this technique is employed which can leave their assets vulnerable to attack.