[A pelt arrives for Nelvin the Halfing]

  • [A Pelt Arrrives]

    Halfing Hin, who's heart is that of a beasts, and who may one day hunt as the Black Blooded Pard does,

    You have heard my position and my complaint, and you have seen the vileness that has afflicted the Hullack. The time fast approaches. The once head of the malarite church, has been negligent in their duties, they have hidden, like a coward, and allowed corruption, and undeath, and all manner of vile unnatural wickedness to protrude their charge.

    My victory or my death is at hand. Join me, and should we be victorious, we shall hunt this foul abomination from the forest, we shall purge it, we shall tear it down with our claws and our teeth so that such unnatural wickedness is forgotten in the annals of the history.

    I call out to you as an ally, and ask you to rally your kin. Let us put an end to this foulness, and it starts with the Huntmaster who has allowed it to take place.

    -Alpha Huntmaster Rawhide