Letter to Brogmir

  • Brogmir, since I believe your mining operation will start soon I ask you two things: Let me know how many men you'll put to the task so we can better accommodate them within our camp.

    Two, inform your man to follow our five rules and we won't have any problems with the land:

    1. No creation or summoning of undead or creatures from the Lower Planes.

    2. Servants of the Beast may not be parlayed within the settlement. They must either be bound, or discussions with them are to take place outside of the settlement.

    3. Woodsman's Law - Whatever is taken from the forest must be replanted, and any foraged herbs must not destroy the root of the plant.

    4. Hunters Law: Only hunt animals during certain seasons, only kill adults and only take what's necessary to survive.

    5. No action that could endanger the settlement and its people must be taken without the council's permission.

    ~ Arthur

  • Caine,

    You, on behalf of the Moonshae Council, signed a contract. Everything you said, except dead fiddling was part of the deal. We are a reputable Dwarven clan so our workers should not be doing that. Ores and metals are ours if they are below the surface.

    Dont know who the Beast is, but we we are contracted not to piss off the earth mother, or disturb her shrines.

    The final point though was not part of the deal. We are minin' that hole. We agreed a process by which mining can cease. Considering any action could endanger the settlement (we might unearth a passage to the underdark, release a beholder, come across a nest of driders, etc), there has to be intent. Otherwise we might as well go pick flowers and pray to the god of barley or some shit. This is mining, not berry picking. Shit happens underground.

    Reread the contract. We have processes, compensation requirements. Considering we have not yet built the enclave, but invested thousands already, this is worrying

    Brogmir Snowsilver

  • Brogmir, this is not about the mining contract, that as you very well said, is covered. But a condition to have a bare minimum peaceful relationship between your men and mine, unless they plan to live in those tunnels and have no contact with any other human or our camp whatsoever.

    We hold each man accountable for their own action if a refugee, as well as a dwarves miner, breaks these rules, and let's say do something foolish against each other, they'll be judged equally.

    Again, this is not about what you can or can't do in your operation, that is up to the contract we signed, and your methods are your own.

    ~ Arthur

  • Caine,

    Then thank you for your letter. I will be sure to send this to my Thane so he can instruct our lads appropriately.