Alpha Huntmaster Rawhide

  • Alpha Huntmaster Rawhide,

    As the Malarite church is deemed close to the heart of my master and I, it is my wish that you accept the donation of ten thousand gold coins in exchange for a meeting. I have heard many interesting tales of your prowess and congratulate you on slaying the drow.

    You may have seen the call to hunt my employer has issued, there are several he has in mind, each more challenging than the last.

    Seek me in the sewer bar.

    Jester Jack

  • [A pelt eventually makes its way to the sewer bar]

    Jester Jack,

    I have little care for coin. Do an act beneficial to Cormyr in the name of Malar publically and I will consider your request. Perhaps I will consider it anyways, if the prey is a worthy target. At the moment, I have a -personal- hunt to conduct.

    -Alpha Huntmaster Rawhide