Damage auras and excessive explosions on hit

  • Been checking out a few quests now and surprisingly many have this incredibly unfun mechanic.

    I suggest buffing some of the mobs that have this and remove the auras instead. All the auras and unavoidable damage do is start a chain reaction that ends badly.

    1: You got to have X resistance item to do this quest because of unavoidable aura damage. Usually the enemies are in such high numbers that it becomes like 20-40 damage per round if you don't have it. Without it, the quest's a bad idea.

    2: People who don't have it have to just stand back and let the geared people deal with it because it eats up elemental resistance spells in a round or two. Leaving the gap between haves and don't haves even wider.

    3: People start stacking said gear, making said damage useless except in higher amounts, which then again forces the don't haves to sit back even more in spectator mode.

    We react to the stuff you guys put in the quests. You demand saves, we'll stack'em to the skies. You demand elemental resistance, we'll stack it until a fireball can't touch us etc.

    Those auras add little to nothing, i suggest increasing enemy numbers of said mob or buffing the mob itself instead.

  • Builders Guild

    pic for example;

    All the players are standing back letting a summon fight 7 of these things because nobody had the right amount of ice resistance.

    I think its a cool feature once in awhile. It certainly makes you jump when you're not expecting it. But without DM oversight it just becomes annoying, or a hard-stop wall for the quest. Neither of which are very fun.

    If the spawn was changed to say, 1 or 2 of these creatures per five other npc monsters, I could understand that. But this many was nuts. It just makes a player want to carry twenty different full sets of gear just so they can complete quests.

    alt text

  • Admin [DM]

    I very much hear you on this one, please be patient with the DM team about this one, however, as we're addressing about...70-80% of these concerns as we speak (just very slowly).

    I wish I was paid to do this. 😞

  • We all do, Spiffy.
    And the same goes for quite a number of DMs from CoA history.

    I apologize the whole community for not buying a single lottery ticket for all these years!