Letter to Corwin Vargas from Sergeant Hatchet

  • Greetings Vargas,

    I know you are trying to organize a task force to fight the were rats and i want to share some information I just received from Theloke. The rats have mutated into something even worse which he described as even more vicious and powerful. He described them ablazed with fire and covered in a silver white aura. Most likely they are gaining more power from the stolen crown. Im on board with a task force, count me in. Please include me in any information or plans you have to.take down these rats and I shall do the same.

    Very Respectfully,

    Sergeant Mildred Hatchet

  • I noticed, was with them for the first half. The hell was that crown? We need to get the halflings on board, they have the most resources right now against them.