[A pelt arrives for Retainer Haydrik]

  • [A fresh pelt arrives for retainer Haydrik. It is likely the blood used as the ink came from the same animal]

    Retainer Haydrik,

    We have not met, but I have heard your name come up in circles as a hard man who has a penchant for being proactive in getting things done. I am a follower of the Beastlord, and in my short time here it is abundantly clear that the country of Cormyr has fallen far from what it once was, its people having become soft.

    It is to that end I have a proposition for you. Allow the followers of the black blooded pard to hunt upon your lords lands freely, as we see fit. Honor and respect the traditions and teachings of the beast lord. Should some of your men be culled in this manner, then it is clear that they were weak, and worthless to the cause of your house. Should they encounter a hunter and survive, then it was clear that the hunter was not worthy to follow the black blooded pard. We shall cull each others weakness and only strength shall remain.

    And in return, when in due time I take my rightful place as head of the church, your house shall find very strong support from them.


  • [The back of the hide is written on in standard ink and returned to sender.]


    I'll be sure to pass the proposition along to the Steward.
    My own respect for Cormyrs God of the Hunt aside, it's not my land or my farmhands.

    Helyan Haydrik,
    Retainer of House Ebonhawk.

  • [A fresh pelt arrives, attached to the body of a drow that is left on the ground near the guards posted on Lord Ebonhawk's land. The corpse is badly mauled, and it's trachea is missing from its neck]

    Retainer Haydrik,

    Here is the corpse of the drow that assaulted your men and attempted to convert them to some unnatural entity. If you have not passed along my proposal to your Lord yet, I hope you will take this offering as sufficient reason to do so. It is no doubt I will take my place in the church soon, with such a worthy successful hunt to my name.


  • //Just posting this to confirm the OOC details., the body did get delivered IG. I was having issues so didn't get a screenshot, but I believe pancake did.

  • [A fresh pelt arrives]

    Retainer Haydrik,

    I am now the High Priest of the Malarite Church. Though it is certain there will arise Primal Challenge to my rule, as is the way of the Black Blooded Pard's faithful, I will put down any such defiance and wear the trachea's of those who do so as necklaces. My proposal for a mutually beneficial relationship with your Lord's house still stands. I am open to discussion about how this relationship might work. I await correspondence at your leisure.

    -Alpha Huntmaster Rawhide

  • Alpha Packmaster Rawhide,

    Your offering of Drow flesh is accepted humbly. Your offer of alliance is being discussed. I'll contact you with further information.

    Helyan Haydrik,
    Retainer of House Ebonhawk.

  • Retainer Haydrik,

    It seems my knack for prediction has been more than accurate. The old man, 'Huntmaster' Varden has presented himself to dare challenge my rule. The time for change, for evolution, for survival of the fittest has truly come. Varden has recanted the old ways, he has allowed the king's land to fall into ruin, for undeath and the unnatural to run rampant. The time quickly approaches to put an end to this. Varden is a betrayer of all the beliefs the true faithful of the black blooded pard hold dear, but more so, a betrayer of Cormyr if it suits him. There will be no other opportunity than what shortly presents itself. Assist me in this cause, and your Lord's House shall be honored by the malarite church as no other house ever has been.

    -Alpha Packmaster Rawhide.

  • Alpha Rawhide,

    The House wishes to see you succeed in slaying the high priest before our full weight is thrown behind you.

    However I might be willing to fund you. After all, it wouldn't be recognized unless you hunted the high priest alone, my axe would only serve to discredit your claim.

    Find me.

    Retainer Haydrik.