Task Force Vermin Bane

  • To all Adventurers in Arabel:

    This Infernal Lycan Threat has gone on long enough. It's become clear a lack of cooperation, focus, and motivation are the only reason it's still around. One group picks it up, gets bored, moves on, the next glory seeker starts over from scratch. Since there is no unified front from the Militia on this, House Silverhorn is going to help those who are working this threat, finally finish the fight.

    All adventurers, organizations, persons, or whatever you identify as, who have information or are working solutions to this threat are to come forward.

    All (see above) are to begin unifying their efforts into a single strategy to finally eliminate this threat that has been handled with kid gloves for too long.

    All who participate, have participated, and who play the team player will be rewarded, have their name recorded and remembered, and receive whatever glory you're hoping for.

    Lone wolves who try to go it alone for personal gain will be seen as attempted saboteurs and threats to Arabel Security. Don't be stupid, just come forward and lets kick this rat warlock's tail into the next life.

    This is a continuing threat to Arabel's Security. The safety of it's citizens are all we care about, we're not taking over this project, just unifying and organizing it for mutual benefit for all those with interested stakes will continue to lead their battles.

    Individuals needed ASAP:

    • Ruby, Nelven and the Hin Council
    • Any individuals possessing a focus crystal from the Rat King's ritual
    • Clan Snowsilver
    • Any individual leading any kind of initiative against the Rat King

    Corwin Vargas,
    House Silverhorn

    Fine Print: Idiots who try to glory hound instead of working as a team will be found, and beaten mercilessly with large trouts for the amusement of those who do team up.