[Moonshae Council]

  • Hello! You may know me already, Ruby Tosscobble. I helped you fine folks kill all those orcs when they invaded. The Hin Council also sees Iruna and Arthur as Hin Friend for all their support of us.

    So let's open some discussion how the Hin Council can become formal and active members of your Moonshae Council! I think our goals are the same, we like Moonshae and hate orcs.

    I also hear there is a dragon involved and MAYBE I get to meet another one!

    Ruby Tosscobble
    Hin Council

  • Ruby, our goals are:

    1. Lift the curse that afflicts the isles.
    2. Shape the current settlement into a proper village.
    3. Do both while still respecting the land.

    We welcome with open arms all those who truly wish to help us, as long as it respects our laws.

    What you have in mind?

    ~ Arthur.