[House Ebonhawk]

  • Hello! I bring you formal greetings and welcome from the Hin Council!

    We are a collective of halfling adventurers, with a few humans and an elf, who strive to destroy evil in the city and pursue truth and justice to every Hin and Hin Friend in Arabel.

    Our accomplishments include ridding the city of the influence of a demon queen, bringing to justice a dangerous star gazer mage and his super orb of classified magic. Also bringing to justice corrupt militia members, and soon to rid the sewers of nasty infernal rat infestation!

    We have impeccable references from House Fezznick and House Hawklin as well!

    The Hin Council stands ready to work with House Ebonhawk and we offer expert adventuring skills, merchandise profit and knowledge from all over the land.

    When can we meet and talk? Ask for Ruby Tosscobble, Hin Council.

  • Honoured Ruby Tosscobble,

    It would be my greatest pleasure to meet with you and explore what services we may offer one another in the pursuance of a Greater state of Arabel.

    I currently hold residence within the World Serpant Inn, so as to remain more accessible to the populace of Arabel, and you may find me there at most any moment.

    Yours in earnest
    Eidon Caerwal
    Retainer of Lord Ebonhawk