Arthur and Iruna, Moonshae Settlement

  • Elders of the Moonshae Settlement,

    I write to you to discuss the potential for business that could benefit both your settlement and House Ebonhawk.

    I would prefer we discuss such details in person, but I won't waste your time by acting secretive.
    The gist of it is: House Ebonhawk may be interested in aiding the potential portal network we have heard that you are attempting to get set up.
    In return for our support and unwavering aid, we would request that we receive exclusive rights to use of the portal system for trading caravans, aside from your esteemed selves.

    If such a topic of conversation interests you, please get back to me at the Ebonhawk farmsteads and we will discuss this further.

    Helyan Haydrik,
    Retainer of House Ebonhawk.

  • Dear Retainer Haydrik,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. It says a lot about your House that you're willing to make these offers while you're still in the process of settling down in your estates after the war.

    While we are not men and women who like to have other people work for free, I am not entirely sure by what you mean by "exclusive rights". Our plan is to open up trade with the other islands of the Moonshaes, like Alaron and Gwynneth. Additionally, we want other adventurers using these portals for their own exploration purposes. This means that it obviously is not feasible to give you "exclusive" rights.

    Instead, perhaps a portal key can be created that you can produce and sell cheaply, if you think that is feasible to aid? You'd either sell it directly from your House or through other magical sellers, like Nebrilimar or a representative in the settlement itself, generating a usage tax. Unfortunately, we cannot make it expensive since these lands are quite impossible to traverse without the aid of portals - we cannot just walk out to the next island, like we could walk out to the desert here.

    Please let us know what you think.

    Iruna Etelero

  • Iruna Etelero,

    My apologies, I should have specified. I meant exclusive use for the purpose of trading only (e.g. Trading caravans carrying luxuries).
    A free (or at least inexpensive) mode of transit for adventurers and citizens alike is nothing but a boon for any economy and we would like to avoid hampering such travel.

    However, short of that, the offer of selling keystones is most curious and something that begs further discussion. I'll seek you out in person as time permits.

    Helyan Haydrik,
    Retainer of House Ebonhawk.

  • Call me old fashion, but I rather do this in person.

    I need a face more than a name. I look forward to meeting you Heylan Haydrik.

    ~ Arthur