Helyan Haldrick

  • Esteemed Retainer,

    As your lord may have told you, the Snowsilvers helped fund and led a retreival team to secure a valuable cache of Shou silks from some mad cultists, very fine they were too. The silks, that is. Your house have impeccable tastes, I am sure the chattering classes of the north will be greatly indebted when they hit the stores.

    It was a pleasure meeting your lord, and it was a shame we could not discuss business. We have recently secured a lucrative deal in the Moonshae Isles, and - as emerging trans-continental trading empire - are looking to expand our investment portfolio into Arabel. Alas, the city seems full of bankrupt hins and it has not been possible to make sufficient inroads into the caravan city.

    It seems we may share a common interest, and I would be more than willing to discuss possible avenues for mutual benefit in the future.

    Brogmir Snowsilver

  • Brogmir Snowsilver,

    I will seek you out, we'll have much to discuss.

    Helyan Haldrick,
    Retainer of House Ebonhawk.