Baludar Snowsilver

  • Baludar,

    I have successfully retreived a crown for the local militia, you should have heard news of this, the Sargeant had said he would inform the hold.

    I also return the clan armour so gratefully gifted to me on my arrival to Arabel. Another who follows in my footsteps may wish it, it served me well the last week. I have my own dwarven-made plate. As a sign of gratitude, and to repay the faith you have shown in me, I am also in a position to further our position in Thunderholme through a large investment. Please find enclosed 30,000 gold lyons for the clan's coffers. Use this to advance whatever interests you see fit. Plenty more where that came from.

    Your cousin,

    Brogmir Snowsilver

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Brogmir my favorite cousin,

    I am pleased to hear that your travels are progressing well and the coin is most welcome.

    What news the mining in this Moonshae place, have you begun prospecting yet? I will send able bodies to help once you have finalised the deal but the rewards of success or failure are yours i think, but do keep the gold flowing home.

    embossed with the clan mark

  • Baludar,

    To save costs I have hatched something of a cunning plan for Moonshae. It may cost us nothing up front. This will require time. Sign the contract, and give me a week. If it fails, I will rethink it.

    Of course, I will deal with any hiccups that arise from my own purse, but if we move dwarves over to Moonshae, I'd like the operation up and running first.

    Sign the contract in the meantime.


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