To Retainers of House Ebonhawk, c/o Easthaven

  • Retainer or Retainers, Greetings.

    Welcome to Northern Cormyr.

    Please consider this my formal introduction, as I have noticed you have moved into the area near the western border of the Hullack, and north of Easthaven. I understand from the rumors around this small settlement that you intend to cultivate this land, and so I wish to be of some use to you in ensuring peaceful relations with the denizens and spirits of the Hullack forest, so close to your border.

    I am the Druid tending the Grove of Red Oaks, which is quite close to your purchased lands, and I would like to request a meeting with one of you to discuss the potential issues you may meet in this area, and some avenues as to how you can properly serve your Lord in resolving them before they might occur.

    Welcome again to Easthaven,
    ~Nawen ap Hullack, of the Red Oaks
    alt text

  • Nawen ap Hullack,

    I find this missive pleasing to receive, I had expected the Oathtakers of the Hullack to be a savage, backwards people that would fight us for every inch of farmland. I am pleased to see it is not so.

    I would be delighted to meet you, and will send for you at my earliest convenience.

    Helyan Haydrik,
    Retainer of House Ebonhawk.