• Militia,

    I would like to complain in the strongest possible terms of any cooperation you have with the author of this poster.

    Is that poster right? The militia is actually handing over weapons to a forest elf? That elf threatened dwarven caravans in the Hullack, saying she is under absolutely no obligation on her part to refrain from pillaging our trade route. Frankly, I could tell my queen about her and I would be rewarded if I nipped this problem in the bud before she starts killing my kin passing through the Hullack.

    Brogmir Snowsilver

  • No we're seeking to destroy weapons with her help only. i did start this initiative last night. But I Did not hand the weapons to the elf at any time. Evidence is mine to protect, and all I asked her was to take to the pool of purification to melt them as my evidence locked could not hold them all. She was only my guide. I think this announcement may have been misquoted. I apologize for that and shall ask Nawen to change the wording of take it down. The militia announcements clearly recommended for citizens to destroy the said items themselves with holy water or hand them over to the militia.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, Brogmir.


    Sergeant Hatchet