Intense Server Lag

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    The lag is so bad in some cases that in a single round I ate three combust procs from the Black Queen, two of which were before she even cast the spell!

    Is there anything the playerbase can do to help sort this lag out? It genuinely does make the game feel unfair and unfun to play when shit like this happens.

  • Hello.

    We did the Chess quest yesterday and we did get some very bad lag. From start to finish. Perhaps something on this quest is generating the lag?

  • Yeah, I should mention last night. We got an event from Pancake. I was sneaking around to scout out rooms.

    I snuck into one room and then everything kinda stopped. Next time I could move, I was on my way to the fugue. I think it's because the AIs fired, and then they melted my face during the resulting lag. I literally had no ability to respond.

  • You likely jumped on my screen before that. I saw your HP dropping, but it took me like 3 rounds to find you, despite being half a screen from me. No idea how you got there.

  • Admin [DM]

    made a few changes today that might help with this.