Posted outside the gates, towards Hullack

  • Red Oak Glade


    The City is in danger from the cult of Buugir, and the Hullack has given us the power to cleanse them.

    Bring all items created of vomit to a member of the Red Oak Circle, or to a priest of a Goodly God, to be doused in holy water, or cleansed with the forest's power. If one of your family have been affected, or you suspect one of your fellows, subject them to a test of holy water, or reveal them to a druid. If you ,yourself, have touched one of these items and feel the call to answer Buugir, come immediately and you can be healed, as others have been healed.

    If any adventurers wish to accompany your city's defenders, or the wild-walkers, in combating this imminent threat to your city and the balance, make yourselves known with a message left in the wood, or with the Militia. Time is of the essence and we can not delay.

    ~Nawen ap Hullack, Druid of the Red Oak Circle.