Letter to Arthur, c/o Joshua

  • This letter is left with Joshua, in Moonshae, addressed to Arthur. Upon opening it, two things are apparent; first, that the person who wrote it was in a great hurry, the script tending towards swift brushes of near-elven marking, and second, that the paper has been slightly damp recently, but has dried clean. The brushed vellum crinkles a little.

    Arthur Wildwalker,

    The cult of Buugir has taken hold of most of the adventuring populace. I am going to meet with you soon, and I will have to have you take a few swallows of water, blessed by Eldath, to prove you are not corrupted. I will give you three bottles of it, one for yourself, one for Keyarra, and one for Iruna. I require you all to drink them and this is not optional, if you wish for my continued assistance.

    I have managed to save one of the druids that disappeared into the Sewer, but just barely. He had crawled to the grove, which the cultists attempted to profane. We reached it in time, but they ambushed us outside of the confines of the grove, and we were beaten by our former friends.

    If you find items of vomit, or you see adventurers with them, do everything in your power to remove them and expose them to holy water, or bring them to me. I have been given a working by the Hullack in the form of a sword of pure water, which will destroy the items outright on contact, and put anyone too far gone to be saved to rest.

    Beware the elf in pink, beware Daina - they are all part of it, and they came together with a great beast of a humanoid with a dire-mace of vomit and ambushed us before we could destroy the cache of weapons the militia had confiscated.

    Most of all, beware Nelven, and do not drink anything you are offered that you are not certain of. The cult is spreading very quickly.

    If anyone refuses to drink holy water, or water from the pool of Eldath, subdue them immediately and call for me or for the druid, Oakstaff of Hullack, though he may not be able to come directly. We can break his hold on them. We also think that a cleric of a goodly god might be employed to the same purpose, using holy water, but the blade I have been lent by the forest will destroy the creatures almost outright.

    Arabel is in extreme danger that gets worse by the minute. Beware.


  • I’ll seek you as soon as possible Miss Nawen, but be certain you have my support, especially to find a way to cure Nelven.

    ~ Arthur