• Enclosed is a package, sealed with a Clan Snowsilver sigil.

    On behalf of Thunderholme, Cormyr's faithful allies, I gift this Ice Crown to the Arabellian City authorities. This is an item that was highly sought after by the lycans in the sewers. It is likely key to their strength.

    Any reward should be gifted to my Queen, Brita Thunderhammer, and recognition to the dwarves of Thunderholme. The full details of the mission can be provided, and also of the Arabellians that had also helped secure its capture.

    Brogmir Snowsilver

    alt text

  • Excellent news! When the Lycans attacked me last, they demanded this crown. I have a plan, tell me what you think. We gather a large rat hunting party, equipped with silver weapons, their weakness. An archer with silver tipped arrows would be invaluable, I have the silver militia sword, perhaps we can find other silver weapons as well. Then we go to the sewers, and we lure the rat king using this crown for bait. Nelven has already offered his assistance. I could get as many citizens as I can find to volunteer to end the city of this menace once and for all. You have experience with these cursed pests. What say you? Do you think it would work?

    Thank you for your assistance! I shall not forget how generous you have been to the militia. Hopefully my superiors will see this as well. I will request they consider a gift to your queen as requested.

    Very Respectfully,

    Private Mildred Carter

  • The crown itself is valuable and wherever it is stored will likely act as bait for the critters.

    I will leave the operational details in your reliable hands, happy to aid. Should I get a supply of silver, I'd be more than happy to forge silver weaponry for the job, at heavily discounted rates.

    Brogmir Snowsilver

  • I shall keep this in mind. Just getting two new privates up and running. We may need to get some silver weapons for them. Let me know if you come across silver and we can certainly request funding for this. The militia needs to be protected fully.

    Very Respectfully,

    Sergeant Hatchet