• A dwarf, covered in gold walks in and promptly places a small pouch of gold on the counter and looks at the librarian.

    "Forges, ones hot enough to smelt the steel from the heavens or hells. Where can one be found? I searched the underdark but had no luck."

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The librarian looks at the pouch initially confused, but finally gives in to his baser nature and pockets the coins, he disappears into the stacks and returns later with a reply...

    There are many such places apparently from the number of times such a happening is documented." He pauses before continuing "Though few are documented accurately..."

    "I would suggest that such information might be best discovered in Netherese Libraries, they were far in advance of anything that we currently understand i believe."

    He hastily adds "Though i am not an expert of course!"