[Fellowship of the Gauntlet]

  • Hello.

    It is with sadness I have to report that Dame Vaaeldra did not return from the Abyss. I cannot say of she is dead or living. Only that when we faced the demon lord together, I was given passage home and Dame did not. Her last words were that she would avenge Arabel's troubles and kill all them demons.

    Your Dane Highweather also fell, I witnesses this. Many of your knights fell. The Abyss was filled with demons of all kinds. The fight was tough but in the end, I am proud to have stood alone with Dame Vaaeldra. I begged her to come home with me, but she had to finish her duties for Helm. The other Helmites fell, so I would assume, in the end, Dame is fighting for their souls.

    It was an honor to fight alongside so many brave Helmites. May their sacrifice be honored. The Dame was truly steadfast to Helm in the end.

    Ruby Tosscobble
    Hin Council

  • Admin [DM]

    [No response comes for this letter as none from the Fellowship can be found]

  • [The same letter is sent to Lord Hawklin]

  • Admin [DM]

    The Lord and his household, along will all Helmites and goodly folk are occupied with the Vigil. When I inform his Lordship that you accepted passage home and left Dame Athilith, Sir Highweather, the Fellowship and the other brave to their fate in the Abyss he will not be pleased.

    On a personal note, while you cannot be called a coward since you volunteered to go, you are no hero and perhaps even a Demonfriend. You have in the past insulted the Helmites and called into question the militia.

    Do not ever write this house again nor expect any favor or boon from the lands under the Warden of the North. I will see to that personally.

    Steward Dolk

    -edited. Spelling-

  • I am sorry to read your response.

    I made a public apology to the Dame and the Militia after that little spat. The Dame accepted and trusted me to fight at her side in the Abyss. When a way out was made, she chose to stay behind. While I do not hold Helm's ideals to heart, I respect them and her.

    Good day sir.

    Ruby Tosscobble

  • Admin [DM]

    [The letter never even makes it to the steward...wise house guards not wanting any trouble even as they eye the boisterous Hin]

  • Admin [DM]

    @khammy Oddly enough a short note finds its way to Ruby

    Miss Tosscobble,

    Perhaps you were judged too harshly. While I continue to have no time or use for troublemakers and lawbreakers, only a fool would deny that you did the realm a good service in securing the starorb. Consider this a blank slate.

    Steward Dolk

  • [The letter is rolled up and stuffed with juicy pipeweed and slowly smoked by a smirking Ruby Tosscobble over a cup of prune juice]