Posted outside the Dwarven Embassy

  • I, Brogmir Snowsilver, cousin of the esteemed Baludar Snowsilver have arrived in Arabel. In these perilious times, it is important to say Clan Snowsilver stands steadfast in support of our beloved and cherished allies in the fair City of Arabel.

    Our esteemed Thane's first priority is, as always, to our kin. Thane Deeprock, of the Deeprock clan, has gone missing while doing business with traders in Arabel. The Snowslivers therefore extend a hand to our comrades. In your time in need, let it be noted that the Snowsilvers came calling.

    Baludar's second priority is the issue of the crumbling tower. Word has reached me in Sembia of some kind of portal opening up. Clan Snowsilver will, therefore, offer full support to the House of Dead, who - I am told - have spearheaded an investigation into its appearance.

    Arabel thrives on industry and commerce, and in these troubled times, it should come as welcome relief that Thunderholme's economy can pick up any slack in Northern Cormyr's forges and breweries. We can offer clan association to any Cormyrian seeking employment under the security of a Dwarven hold, and we offer opportunities to entrepreuners of all creeds seeking to make their way in these troubled times.

    Seek Brogmir Snowsilver if you are in need of an opportunity or two. Clan Snowsilver is open for business.

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  • The Fellowship of the Gauntlet has disappeared, and this is a time of great tribulation for the people of Arabel with rogue wizards, and all manner of beasties in the sewers. In Arabel's time of need, the dwarves of Thunderholme stand ready to help fill the void left by the Fellowship's disappearance.

    Axes high comrades.

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  • If anyone has any information on the lycan gang, the wererats, and specifically their main base of operations, please pass on the information to Brogmir Snowsilver. A bounty shall be paid for any quality information.

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  • The so-called Hin Council is endangering the city. They have access to a series of powerful gemstones, which are powering an infernalist lycan racket in the sewers. If they cannot use these stones to stop the lycans, they should pass them on to someone who can. The dwarves of Thunderholme recovered the Ice Crown to the city authorities and apparently it was lost. The dwarves have been nothing but upstanding citizens and are being treated like garbage, despite everything we risk to help our allies. Meanwhile hins are walking around with powerful infernalist artifacts, unable to comprehend them.

  • The recent announcement by the Hin Council is astounding. Daina Dolsberg is a member of an exiled clan, whose Thane attempted to kill our queen. Considering the powerful gemstones in the Hin Council's possessions, the militia should immediately interrogate those members of the Hin Council dealing with Old Town smugglers and give these gemstones to those able, and responsible enough, to discover their secrets. At the very least, to ensure criminals do not have access to these powerful artifacts.