Moonshae Orc hunting competition

  • Several notes spread across Arabel

    Moonshae Orc hunting season is open! Hunt as many Moonshae Orcs as you can and win up to 1.000 coins a week!

    Rules are simple, chops their heads, beat the minimum number of that week, hand it over to the Encampment ranger and the best hunter of the week earns 1.000 coins.

    This week Minimum number: 10

    //OOC: Take a picture of the orc heads, PM me how many you got that week, it counts from Monday - Sunday.

  • Scoreboard of the week:

    • Huntress: 28.
    • Oline Blackrobes: 25.

  • The first week of Moonshae hunting competition ends tonight!

  • Huntress, you are the winner of the first edition of Moonshae Orc hunting competition. Come to the camp to collect your reward.

  • The second week of Moonshae Orc Hunting season started!

    Same rules as before, hunt down the Orcs from Moonshae, hand the heads over to our camp Ranger (//woodland Ranger close to the barricade), beat the minimum number and the best hunter will be reward with 1.000 coins!

    This week Minimum number: 10

    //It ends Sunday - Feb 09th.