• The vile infernalist Abigail the Tiefling has been slain, thanks to the Hin Council!

    Her many crimes include

    • demon summoning

    • killing the Hullack spirit

    • littering

    • demon sewer invasion

    • curses

    • murder

    • wearing out of season colors

    • crossing the HIN COUNCIL

    Your HIN guardians stand with you, Arabel!

    For the Scamp, for Lady Luck and for the Black Hound

    ~The Hin Council~

  • Attention Citizens of Arabel,

    The Hin Council declares that henceforth, Ruby Tosscobble shall be known as Hin Mother for standing against incredible odds for the life of her friends, and for protecting Halflings, as well as defending their way of life. May all those who honor and respect her, refer to her by her well fought title, earned by her many deeds and righteous actions. May Goodfolk everywhere honor her by dining on a hefty glass of mead and the freshest of butter-bread during their next meal.


    ~The Hin Council~


    None in the HIN COUNCIL partake, acknowledge or support the magic wielded by the man SYPRUS.


    Syprus the man is a victim and SHOULD BE SAVED!

    We do not sacrifice an innocent man when there is hope of salvation!


  • Admin [DM]

    Some few passing folk are overheard

    • " Didn't ya hear....dis Hin Mother.....mores like a mother#$#er defended dat guy. I say turn him over to da Helmmies, they don't put up with dat rotten cabbage...no sir!"
    • "I queried the good father about this Starmagic and he nearly fainted....poor dear is old though I think it's more than that"
    • "Good for the short folk. We need honest folk looking out for each other"

  • Builders Guild

    Friendship, Harmony, Unity, Good Food

    What does the Hin Council offer you?

    All Goodfolk are henceforth protected by the Council. Be you in need of shelter, food, or purpose, find a member of the council and speak openly. We may ask a brief task in return, but no matter your condition, a brother or sister will find themselves welcome and fed. The Council will be hosting an open buffet in the coming week at a secret location to greet all family, and introduce the Hin Mother to the realm with a proper celebration. Find a member and ask if you'd like to attend. Only the Goodfolk, and Hin Friends will know the password.

    Anyone curious of the Fair Representation that the Hin Council provides all Goodfolk, please contact a public member with your questions.

    Many of our brothers and sisters may be downtrodden or feel scorned by Tyche, know that these tribulations are what led to the founding of the Hin Council. Our Hin Mother would not turn away the thief, or bandit, but know that she is a stern Mother, and the bandit will seek penance.

    ~The Hin Council~

  • I, Ruby Tosscobble, hereby APOLOGIZE for slandering the name of Dame Vaaeldra and Private Hatchet. And also Helm.

    Let the friendship of the Hin Council and Helmites be fruitful once more!

    ~Ruby Tosscobble~

  • The HIN COUNCIL joins the city and Helmites in solemn GRIEF over the deaths of Dame Vaaeldra and the knights of the Fellowship of the Gauntlet.

    I, Ruby Tosscobble, personally witnessed their bravery, skill and sacrifice to the very end as I fought at the Dames side through VERY HARD NASTY demons and monsters! May the Vigil be filled with praise and glorious stories of their deeds!

    The Hin Council called Dame Vaaeldra and the Fellowship Hin Friends, and although we had our differences, the Hinfolk stood by them in the face of evil!

    In the Fellowship's absence, the Hin Council continues to proudly take up the banner they represented to uphold goodness and honor in the face of evil!

    ~The Hin Council~

  • Builders Guild

    citizens of Arabel, citizens of the sewers, my fellow Goodfolk everywhere;

    Be warned against the false Priests and gifts they bare!

    There have been a number of sightings of Slimes and Priests in the sewers regarding disgusting reforged weapons. I know their potential all too well, but it is false magic. If you find a sick drenched trinket, cast it away. The Vomitforge is a blight upon the land, and will only serve to strengthen Beast below. I know it is hard to find good work in the sewers, and these weapons would make our lives easier, however it is not worth the risk. They will warp your mind, twist you into servitude, and soon after, feed you to their master.

    Beware the Ooze, beware the vomitforged!!

    ~The Hin Council~


    Hin Council members Ruby Tosscobble and Foera Palewater, and Hin Friend Arthur, took down the star mage and Ruby took him to the militia jails.

    A war wizard now possesses the orb and Syprus is no longer a threat!


  • Builders Guild

    Nelven wanders around the sewer bar, World serpent inn, and various other bulletin locations affixing a bounty on the behalf of the Hin Council

  • Builders Guild

    The Hin Council would like to take a moment to thank the dwarves of Arabel which we entrusted with the Crown of Ice, the most powerful reagent at the disposal of the Rat King and his hordes.

    We had hoped such knowledgeable and friendly dwarves like Daina might be able to determine it's secrets, but the Council understands the many trials or life are difficult, and that they simply didn't have time.

    It was an unfortunate loss, the Crown of Ice. It was the Hin Council who responded to the Militias outcries first. It was the Council who then hunted down the Rat King and stole his depleted items of power, and now, as Arabel cries out in desperation against the Lycan The Hin Council will once again answer.

    We have posters offering reward for investigstion purposes regarding the gems. Their locations will remain a close guarded secret.

    -the Hin Council

  • Builders Guild

    The Hin Council will be opening an investigation into the SNOWSILVER Clan because they seem to have no honor and that's really odd for a dwarf.

    ~Hin Council~

  • Builders Guild

    The Hin Councils investigation into SNOWSILVER the dwarf has concluded that he’s a really angry dwarf.

    ~Hin Council~

  • Builders Guild

    Attention friends and fellows of the Hin Council!

    We’ve need of volunteer wizards for a great and powerful ritual against the Lycan incursion within the sewers of Arabel.

    House Ebonhawk and House Silverhorn are requested to show their quality. They would prove a military asset during the ritual as we assume a number of hostile actions will be taken against us.

    If we are successful, we will cripple our enemy and strike a blow to the Rat King.

    Those would be allies are encouraged to contact a representative of the Hin Council and offer their aid. We intend to strike our blow in the the near future.

    ~The Hin Council~