Letter left for the Dame of Fezznick

  • @DailyPWN

    Dame Gwendolyn of house Fezznick,

    It is with great honor and humility that the Halfling Council of Arabel bestow you a total of -2- reputation points for your generosity to the Goodfolk community of Arabel. May your many long days in this world be filled with joy and happiness, and may the rest of the Tallfolk of Arabel take heed of your shining example.

    For details on the secret currency of the Halfling Council, please contact one of our more public members.

    With grace and sincerity;
    The Halfling Council of Arabel

  • Builders Guild

    a letter is left with a guard at the Fezznick Estate

    Greetings and Good day!

    I'm reaching out to you to discuss an event the Hin Council would like to host next week. We were hoping House Fezznick, as benefactors of the wonderful City of Arabel might like to host a gathering of the Hin Council and friends. Though it is also a Potlock, the Hin Council would also like to hold a public forum to discuss any grievances the city and its leaders might have with the Hin Council, and in an effort to build unity amongst our kin, we'd take this time to compile any issues or questions the Goodfolk might have with the city. This event would be more than just a celebration of life, but also a time for us all to lay the ground work for a better future for all our peoples.

    We hope the Potluck will serve as a public relations meeting that will build the cities trust in us, and us in them. We'd prefer a banquet hall venue, but a large conference room with a dining room table will work fine. Don't worry, we'll supply the food, and of course House Fezznick will be invited.

    Dinner at Seven,

    Second dinner at Eight.

    If this event is something House Fezznick might be interested in hosting, please write me back. As pleasing as the World Serpent and Sewer Bar are, I can't think of a more dreadful location to host a Potlock and introductory forum.

    ~Hin Council~

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I must extend my sincerest apologies, but the estate will not be ready in time for your gathering. I have arranged for three kegs of the finest silvermead to be available to you for the event.

    ~Dame Gwendolyn Fezznick~