Library Submission: The Dread Blade

  • I am providing this biographical work for the library due to my interest in the story. I have merely retold Ibrahim's story, as many minstrels do.

    The Dread Blade’s original owner was a black half-dragon by the name of Kragthr’ax. I first met this creature at the end of an emergency defense. After the mercenary company I ran, the Golden Guard, had cleared out an enthralled orcan threat, he appeared before us and made us “worthy” men an offer: Join his crusade, and we would receive relics beyond our ken. Cautiously, I instructed the elven rogue Faelynn to take up his offer and find out more about the crusade.

    Faelynn sleuthed out that the half-dragon sought what many others were seeking at the time: the Spark of Divinity. He intended to take the Spark and grant it to his father who, by combining its raw power with the power of the Moonwell he was in possession of, would ascend. Kragthr’ax was ultimately able to poison Faelynn’s mind and turn him from my company. He also claimed the dwarf Yurin after besting him in combat, no small feat, and forcing a magic upon Yurin that would enthrall the dwarf in his presence.

    Shortly after, we were able to discover that the Spark was in the hands of the Lich King of the Haunted Halls. With the aid of the Gondar Ampharen and Lord Bhaliir’s company, we managed to bring a magic-stripping construct to the Lich King’s lair and depower the skeletal creature temporarily. Ultimately though, our group was betrayed and the Spark was stolen. While a majority of the company chased the thief, the handful remaining, myself included, were left to figure out what to do with the Lich so that he would not be able to wreak havoc on Arabel.

    It was only then that Kragthr’ax showed up once more, asking for the Spark. While the druid Jon began rites to seal the lich, I vehemently defied the half-dragon. I ordered my second – the only other person who stayed with us – to find those chasing the thief and warn them that Kragthr’ax may be coming if I failed. And so, in the depths of the crypt, we battled. It was, and still is, the most difficult duel I’ve ever participated in. In one lucky blow, I shattered the blade of Kragthr’ax and beheaded him. However, my form was also torn nearly asunder, my life hanging on by a thread. The sword I was wielding at the time – the Aegis Blade, which was imbued with the soul of the leader of an ancient Netherese Helmite order – was able to strengthen me enough to remain alive. I crawled my way back up and claimed the shattered Dread Blade as my own.

    In reflection, I will admit that I feel no shortage of guilt over my decision to let one of the brothers of my company join with the half-dragon. Losing Faelynn still haunts me to this day, even though Yurin was able to survive.

    Ibrahim the Warforged
    Former Captain of the Golden Guard
    Slayer of Kragthr'ax the Dread, Scourge of the Moonshae. Slayer of Jarlexelen the Glossy Terror. Slayer of Thassa'klar'mog Baron of the Wyverndeep, Inkblooded Terror. Slayer of Khalisss'ch'zar the Scaled Destroyer, Nemesis in the Marsh. Conqueror of the Cursed Mirror. Slayer of the Tyrant Elder Eye and Bane of its Kin, the Enemies of Cormyr. Scourge of the Phaerimm, slayer of their Master. Victor of the Dreadforged, Tempest, and his Black Master. Survivor of the Lich King, the Weeping End of the World. Slayer of the Lizard Prince, Warchief of the Swamp Tribes. Dwarf Friend, Witness to Kuldar's Rebirth, Liberator of the Paragon and Slayer of Thuldor Mortag Harrowaxe, King of Duergar

  • Iruna follows up with the library to see whether any edits need to be made.