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    A Fellow of the Gauntlet prepares to defend the Dreamer’s Rock, just east of Wheloon, from a werewolf which had been terrorizing the community for several months unchecked. Painted from account, Circa 1374.

    Fellowship of the Gauntlet

    Named after the Gauntlet that Helm used to strike down Mystra during the Time of Troubles and in honor of the Watcher’s personal sacrifice in the line of his duty, the Fellowship of the Gauntlet is an order of Helmite knights, clerics, and paladins founded initially to protect the outlying shrines of Cormyr, Sembia, and the Dalelands during the Silence. They were given the general charge to protect and defend the faith of Helm, but when Tempus’s influence began to wax broadly, and the Red Knight fell under his influence, the High Priest of the region became concerned that Tempus might lust after Helm’s domains next. The Fellowship was therefore called to action against the encroachment of Tempus’s followers on the Church’s lands and properties, and the followers of the Ever Vigilant Eye began to seek great deeds of heroism to compete with the ostentatious Tempan Battle-Clerics.

    The Fellowship attracted not only errant paladins and followers of Helm, but also many former followers of the Red Knight, eventually leading scores of new, but well trained recruits pulled into militias across Cormyr and the Dalelands. Emboldened, they began actively searching out places and beings of chaotic and evil intent to quell them from the lands, and through heroic effort and a strong sense of proactive defense, planning, and clever strategy, they enjoyed great success.

    When the Silence was broken, the well-trained Fellowship, now a recognized order of Knighthood in both the Dales and Cormyr (though they are still pursuing that status in Sembia), was split into many divisions and sent to the struggling shrines of the Dales, Sembia, and Northern Cormyr, to reproduce the inspiring results of their initial campaign and restore faith in the Watcher.

    One such Fellow, Sir Dane Highweather, a former Purple Dragon Officer of high renown and a prominent Paladin of the Watcher, has been requested by the Warden of the North to join the Shrine of Helm in Arabel as its Vigilant. With the city beset by were-rats, internalists, and many other evil forces, the Paladin Vigilant has sanctioned a Quest, and has opened membership in the Fellowship to any who would pledge their sword to its defense and the eradication of the evil that lurks within and beneath the city.

    Ranking Structure, with Equivalent
    Pryats (Leader of the Hawklin Household Shrine)

    Vigilant (Leader of the Chapter)
    Knight of the Fellowship (Lieutenant)
    Watchfellow (Sergeant)
    Initiate (Private)

    How to Join:
    On-creation, applications should please contact Paramour via discord or PM – no formal application is required. In-character, interested parties should approach members, or write to Sir Dane Highweather.

    Players will be expected in their applications to detail a storyline that involves their reason for pursuing a place in the Fellowship, but this is an informal application just to get me familiar with your character.

    Any civilized, non-evil race may join.

    Applicants must be a follower of a deity of law or good, with others on a case by case basis, with the understanding that Helm’s dominion over guards and protectors is pre-eminent.

    Applicants must be able to survive an Ordeal, named by the Overblade.

    LG, NG, LN, N

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