Use of Party Chat

  • Admin [DM]

    Hi all,
    Just a friendly reminder or clarification about the use of Party Chat and CoA.

    CoA strives to be an immersive setting with emphasis on role-playing and doing fun things like questing, intrigue, plotting and other forms of adventure.

    We admit there are mechanics for the engine that are limiting and can make certain things less than efficient. These limits can also provide a way to exploit.

    Party Chat primary use is for OOC organization.

    • It should not be used ICly for communication save the occasional way of yelling IG to fellow party members:

      [Calls out] “Hey I found the entrance to the cave!”
      [Yells up the ladder] “It’s down here!”

    • Using Party Chat to not break stealth is considered an exploit

    • If you want to talk normal, talk normal. If you are trying to whisper, then use whisper.

    • NPCs and PCs alike should always have the opportunity to overhear a conversation, know something is coming, gain info on a scouting mission etc.

    Questing with no risk should give no xp or rewards. Play smart but do not abuse something. A self check is asking yourself “If another PC used this to steal/PvP/Gank/[WIN]” against me, how would I feel?”

    We can see everything said in Party Chat and will be monitoring this.

    Happy gaming all
    The CoA DMs