Bring back Noble Houses

  • If Arabel is the focus bring back noble houses, or have actual important factions that plot for power. Make them non-appable.

    If Moonshae is a the focus, set up a foreign power that is also seeking influence in the Moonshaes. Off the top of my head, Sembia and/or Thay. Make them non-appable, give them a base.

    Make militia non-appable.

    If you don't trust players to actually use these factions appropriately, set a list of positions players can play.

  • Admin [DM]

    Funny you should mention that
    Factions are being reworked right now.

    It is not about trusting players, it is about exciting the players by making the factions relevant so they want to be in/app for them.

    Militia is a tricky one. Having arrest powers needs DM oversite.

    There is a lot underway so just try be a bit patient with us as we get our collective feet under us again.

  • @Prof-Misclick said in Bring back Noble Houses:

    Militia is a tricky one. Having arrest powers needs DM oversite.

    I know of one incident with the militia, and it really wasn't a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. If Arabel is the focus, cannon fodder officers of the realm are needed.

  • Admin [DM]

    Yep. That's why it's a faction. It's IC powers need to be managed however.

  • Yes Moonshae needs further development, either the orc plot needs finished/moved along or another PC based faction could be based there. With all the nature type PCs, a druid faction could work.

    Militia needs active DMs to manage, yes. No fun having a pvp encounter with a criminal and no DM to oversee...

  • Agreed, CoA was at its finest during the noble house era. The key then, I think, was having four noble factions easily identifiable with as little as a single word which described their core appeal.

    • Bhaliir - Evil
    • DeSchurr - War
    • Fezznick - Law
    • Thond - Merchants

    They were simple premises which didn't require complicated layers and why they worked so well was because whilst they completed constantly, there was in built rivalry and intrigue amongst them, constantly one-upping eachother, but they all pulled together for common causes all the time. It kept the community inclusive but interesting.

    I'd encourage the same ingredients be baked in the new faction pie.

  • Admin [DM]

    Fysmt and all

  • @lavishfeast I just missed the finest of CoA if that is the case.
    However, these words each sound boring to me... I'd say we have different tastes, if not for the countless occasions you have managed to entertain, impress, or even charm me with your skills and creativity.

    I think that is what we need, player initiative and support for that. Ingredients are secondary.