Remove the party requirement for quests or bring back "the slums invasion" event

  • The idea is simple, and to be honest, I have no idea of the impact or the beneficial side, but by removing the requirement of partying up with two or more players to do a quest could give players more reason to stay online for longer and that could improve the number of players.

    The basic idea is to give solo players more stuff to do without the need of DMs. There are several ways to do that, from crafting system the old "slums invasion" scripted event to removing the quest requirements.

    In my mind "slums invasion" and the party requirement could be easier (script wise, but who am I to know).

    Now the possible downside. It could just push the problems to another lvl mark, like making a lot of people reach lvl 14+ and then log off and it could possibly require a lot of scripting work (especially to balance it all).